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Detcon Model X40  Integrated Alarm & Control Systems


Advanced Scalable Control Systems

• 32 Channel Capacity
• Backlit LCD Screen Display
• Analog or RS-485 Input Options
• Easy Intuitive Field Configuration
• Wired or Distributed I/O
• Extensive Event Data Logging
• SmartWireless® Capable


Detcon Model X40 is a low power alarm and control system designed to monitor multiple gas detection sensors and/or a wide range of other field devices. The versatile control system is designed to receive and supervise inputs using either 4-20mA DC or Serial RS-485 Modbus™. Model X40 functions as a Modbus™ Master and can be customized and expanded based on individual application needs using Detcon’s stackable din-rail mounted I/O modules. All I/O modules are individually addressable and operate on 11.5-30VDC. Model X40 provides power for up to 32 field devices and can house up to 12 4-channel I/O modules. Detcon I/O modules available for use with the Model X40 include a 4-channel 4-20mA input module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4). Detcon modules can be mounted within the main system enclosure or installed remotely to simplify field wiring.

The Model X40 is completely field programmable using a small handheld magnet and offers advanced technology with intuitive, embedded intelligence. The control system displays real time readings and field device status on a backlit LCD screen. During normal operation the screen displays the alarm status and current reading (i.e., channel number, gas type, and gas concentration) for up to 8 field devices simultaneously. The display is sequential and during normal operation it auto cycles through each of the active channel screens.

Among the system’s unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s RXT-320 SmartWireless® transceivers. Enclosure options include: NEMA 4X, NEMA 1 panel mount, and NEMA 7.

Safety Approvals
CE Marking (X40-N4X in ABS or Stainless Steel Enclosure)

Detcon Model MCX-32 Integrated Alarm & Control Systems

Advanced Distributed I/O Control Systems

• 64 channel capacity
• Large LCD with touch-screen user interface
• Analog, digital or Modbus RTU serial input capability
• Readily field expandable with auto configuration capability
• Versatile distributed I/O installation options
• Lightning & over-voltage protection standard
• Data logging of alarms, calibration, comm errors, faults, peak and
  average readings


Detcon Model MCX-32 is a multi-channel integrated control system with a capacity of 64 active channels. It can receive and supervise inputs from a wide range of field devices with either a 4-20mA DC or serial output. The standard serial protocol is RS-485 Modbus RTU. This unique system design features “auto-configuration” of addressable devices that are located in a device library. The Model MCX-32 controller provides a unique combination of “auto configuration” simplicity and ease of use with customizable expansion capabilities.

The Model MCX-32 controller features a flexible design that allows the user to customize a system by choosing from a selection of individually addressable field devices or use addressable input and output modules. Detcon’s full range of gas sensors (purchased separately) can be used to create a gas detection system consisting of toxic gas, combustible gas, and/or oxygen deficiency. A wide range of field devices such as liquid level, temperature, pressure, flow, etc., can also be configured for input to the control system. Four standard I/O modules are available: a 4-channel 4-20mA input module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4). I/O modules are din-rail mounted and stackable allowing for seamless system expansion. The I/O modules may be mounted within the main system enclosure or in separate enclosures suitable for the area classification where installation will occur. In many cases using distributed I/O nodes can significantly reduce wiring and installation costs.

The real time status of each active sensor is displayed on a backlit LCD Touch Screen that also serves as a user interface. Display formats include field device function, tag name, current reading and alarm status. Each input can be configured for up to 3 alarm levels. A fourth alarm output is dedicated to fault diagnostics of field devices and internal operating systems. Each system application can include either common and or a limited number of discrete alarm relays. Model MCX-32 accepts Type I or Type II compact flash cards for data logging. Alarms, calibrations, comm errors and faults are logged. Hourly peak and average readings for each channel is also logged. Other features include one-touch Alarm Inhibit, Alarm Reset, and Alarm Silence (Acknowledge) functions. The MCX-32 includes a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port. This allows users to remotely monitor the MCX-32 from a desktop PC or handheld device with an Internet connection. An addressable RS-485 Modbus RTU slave port is available for communication with higher level automation and control systems such as PLC’s, PC’s and Distributed Control Systems.

The Model MCX-32 is available in 4 enclosure options – Model MCX-32-N1P NEMA 1 panel mount, Model MCX-32-N1R NEMA 1 rack mount, Model MCX-32-N4X NEMA 4X epoxy fiberglass, and MCX-32-SS NEMA 4X 316 Stainless Steel. The control system can be powered by 110-230 VAC or 24 VDC. Model MCX-32 Integrated Control Systems are intended for installation inside buildings or under cover avoiding direct sunlight.

Detcon Model 10 & 12 Single Sensor Control Card Systems

"Superior Safety Through Modular Redundancy"

• Modular plug-in design
• 2 to 16 channel packaging (NEMA 1, NEMA 4X, NEMA 7)
• Outputs 4-20 mA, RS-485 Modbus™, alarm relays
• Control module status and parameters accessible via RS-485
• Programmable relays standard (up to 3 alarms + 1 fault)
• Alarm reset, silence, and calibration inhibit
• Five year fixed-fee service policy


Model 10C Features two alarm relays, a four-character alpha-numeric display w/scrolling operator interface, and
         range of detection programmable from 1.00 to 9999 (ppm, %, ppb)
Model 12B Features three alarm relays, a three-character seven segment display, and range of detection
         programmable from 1.00 to 999 (ppm, %, ppb)
Detcon Model Series 10 and 12 gas detection and alarm systems consist of single sensor control cards that can be integrated into one system design to create multi-function monitoring and control of a wide range of field devices. Field devices include gas detection sensors, flame and fire detection devices and process sensors. Each control card is capable of supervising a single field device, displaying current status of that device and providing alarm relay outputs once user-configured limits are detected. Gas detection control modules display the real time concentration of a wide range of toxic gases, combustible gas, and oxygen sensors that output a 4-20 milliamp signal. The flame detection module displays the real time status of any flame detector with a 4-20 milliamp output signal. The alarm annunciator module can be used to monitor smoke and thermal detectors, pull stations, and any dry contact closure device.

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