R - Safe Specialty

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Hand Protection - Gloves

Leather Driver's, Leather Palm, Cotton, Canvas

String Knit, Hot Mill, Lisle, Nylon, Terry Cloth, Kevlar

Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, PVC

Head / Eye & Face Protection

Safety Glasses, Goggles, Headgear, Face Shields

Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Hair Nets, Gouffant Caps

Beard Covers, Lens Cleaning Stations,

Eye Glass Cords, Cases, Eye Wash Stations

Hearing Protection

Earplugs (Corded & Uncorded), Earmuffs

Hearing Bands (Disposable & Reusable

Body Protection

Tyvek Coveralls, Lab Coats, Shoe Covers

Aprons: Denim, PVC, Leather, Hycar

Sleeves: Tyvek, Denim, Terry Cloth, Leather

Raingear: Polyblens, Raincoats, Ponchos

Foot Protection

Boots: Plain Toe / Steel Toe, PVC, Neoprene

Hazmat, Polyblens, Dielectric, Shoe Covers

Respiratory Protection

Dust, Dust / Mist, Disposable, Full & Half Face Mask

SCBA's, Respirator Wipes BKZ, Alcohol Free Wipes

Traffic Control

Safety Vest (ANSI, Type I, II, III)

Traffic Cones - 18" & 28", Delineator 48"

Caution Tape, Barricade Tape

Flammable Protection

Storage Cans, Cabinets, Oily Waste Cans

First Aid

Tylenol, Advil, Excederin, Pepto-Bismol

Body Fluid and Bloodborne Kits

Cotton Tip Applicators, First Aid Kits & Refills



Body Belts, Harnesses, Specialty Harnesses, Traffic

Nomex/Kevlar, High Viz, Vest - Style

Lanyards: Decelerator, Web, Rope, Positioning, Soft Pac &

Energy Absorbing Lanyards

Fall Arrest Devices, Rope Grabs, Vertical Lifelines

Rope Adjusters, Ladder Safety & Rungmaster Lifelines

Confined Space and Rescue Systems

Positioning Systems

Controlled Descent and Evacuation Devices

Hardware, Connectors, Anchorages and Anchorage Connectors

Temporary Lifelines and Roofer's Kits


Advanced Portable Detector - APD2000


Protective Suits - Level A, B, C

Breathing Apparatus - SCBA's, Respirators, Cannisters, Gas Masks

Hazcat Kits

Detection Papers


Portable and Fixed Systems, Pumps and Tubes