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elipse Respirators

eclipse is a unique reusable safety respirator  
The Elipse Half-Face Mask represents a major leap in mask design and the development of new technology.The result is a mask that enables the wearer to feel morecomfortable and less constricted without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of the mask.
Mask design
The first objective was to break free of the conventional mask shape that covered virtually the entire lower face, a necessity in most instances to be able to accommodate the size of filters required to achieve the level of efficiency demanded for the conditions in which the mask would be worn. To achieve this
objective GVS had to address the issue of filter size and shape. This demanded an entirely new approach to filter design and manufacture.
Comfort Factors
A mask designed to be worn for up to eight hours needs to pay special attention to the ongoing comfort of the wearer. Hence the starting point of an ergonomic design aimed at fitting the contours of the face. Silicon and latex-free, odour-free, non-allergic medical grade materials have been used for the construction of the mask itself as well as for the materials used in the construction of the filters.
The head-strap has four adjustable locations for increased comfort, and a protective head- band at the rear. The compact design further reduces the risk of the mask interfering with the users line of vision, or with any eye or ear protection that must also be worn.

A large area non-return exhaust valve has been utilised to provide low breathing resistance which in turn reduces wearer fatigue and the subsequent discomfort experienced by conventional masks.
The mask is supplied with P3 filters as standard to provide maximum protection.
Pleat Encapsulation:A Patented technology  
An ovular or elliptical shape was required, along with a filter housing with flexibility. The development of pleat encapsulation technology whereby the material used to hold the pleated media in place also forms part of the housing and the mechanism for securing the filter in place within the mask.
Extensive research on the type of resins available to provide the flexibility to allow the filter to be curved when fitted into the mask was required.
HESPA -High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter
HESPA media – a high efficiency synthetic media with a low pressure loss - was developed to GVS's specification.The HESPA media range has efficiencies from 99.95% to 99.999%, and has been shown to be more robust than the conventional glass medias used in respirator filters.
Face Fit Testing
Face fit testing is the method used to ensure that a face mask is correctly fitted so that there is no inward leakage of unfiltered air via the edges of the mask. The objective of the test is to confirm that the wearer knows how to correctly fit the mask by adjusting the straps as well as to validate its performance on the user.
NIOSH Approved
Respiratory filters have different classesof protection for removal of any particale including oil-based liquid aerosols with increasing efficiency.
Particulate filtersare classes as N,R, or P combined with 95, 99, or 100
N-Not resistant to oil mist
R-Resistant to oil mist
P-Protective against all particulates
95, 99, 100 - approximate filter efficiency against 0.3 micron particles    
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 P100 Elipse Mask with protective Grill (size M/L)

 P100 Elipse Mask with protective Grill (size S/M)

SPR321  P100 Spare Filter Set $12.00
SPR450  P100 Nuisance Order Spare Filter Set $16.50
  SPR414  TSI Portacount Face Fit Kit $12.00
 Elipse P100 HEPA Gas and Chemical Filters
 Elipse P100 with Goggles

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